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iOS 5 Security Issue: Making Calls Without Entering Passcode [Update: Siri Bypasses Passcode For almost Any Purpose]

Last week, Apple released iOS 5 for iPhone 3GS and 4. iPhone 4S is available since friday. All those smartphones have one thing in common: They share a security treat which allows you to call back any person without knowing the passcode.

AppStore scam: Fake reviews bump Facebook on iPad app Pica Browser HD to the top of the App Store best sellers

Every now and then you can find apps in the App Store, where comments and ratings are questionable. Many times developers and their friends review their own apps and give them favourable ratings but never before we’ve seen it at this massive scale as with the #2 best selling iPad app Facebook-App Pica HD Browser: (...). Weiterlesen!

iPad 2: First preview next week as a “One more thing” during an iOS 4.3 developer event?

Will the iPad 2 be presented next week? Our sources from the accessories business told us Apple is planning an event next week where they’re going to showcase the iPad 2 as well.

Skype 5 for Mac, Final: The Windows-style threat went real

As seen in the beta of Skype 5 for Mac, the final version 5 of Skype for Mac OS X does not only enable the video conferencing feature on the Mac, but brings also Windows look and feel. While one has to admit that many things have improved since the beta version of Skype 5, (...). Weiterlesen!

iPad 2 US launch on 2nd or 9th April – more countries 3 months later

(Bericht auf Deutsch) Reliable sources told us about the upcoming launch of the Apple iPad 2: the first or second Saturday in April will see the first sales of Apples new tablet. The iPad 2 will sell US-only for three months, and Apple Store-only for up to half a year. In July, more countries will (...). Weiterlesen!

A Better Skype 5 for Mac: First reactions, improvements coming

Skype’s reaction was not very specific yet, but we were told that improvements of the actual beta version of skype 5 for Mac OS X will follow. It’s a beta, still – but the developers are observing the discussions and criticism on the public beta carefully.

iPhone 4 white, tested: Flash/LED renders camera unuseable (Video)

Why is there no white iPhone 4? Production problems caused by the transparency of the white case material are rumored as a reason for the continued delay of the white iPhone 4 model. In our test of a modified iPhone 4 with white case, the camera was indeed all but impossible to use with the (...). Weiterlesen!

iPhone 4cf – Apple hit by The Yes Mens’ fake ad promoting conflict free production

iPhone 4 Conflict Free Edition: the well known pranksters “The Yes Men” stroke again. This time their target is apple. The fake advertising website promotes “conflict free” produced iPhones and promises more corporate responsibility. Minerals used in the production of Apples iPhone 4 are extracted from mines in the Congo, where conflicts killed up (...). Weiterlesen!

FaceTime for Mac – a serious threat for your Apple ID

While many users are happy about having FaceTime on their Mac, we are a little anxious about some security glitches present in the current beta of the software. With a few clicks others can make use of the user’s Apple ID and reset the password with ease.

Apple Stores in Germany: 5-10 new locations planned

The Apple Store Oberhausen in the CentrO shopping mall is known already, Frankfurt, Munich, Dortmund and Dresden can hope for all new Apple Stores. Apples expansion isn’t over tho, Stuttgart, Berlin, Dusseldorf and Cologne are also on the list, Leipzig might also get a store. The plans were handed over to us from a reliable (...). Weiterlesen!

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