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iPhone 4cf – Apple hit by The Yes Mens’ fake ad promoting conflict free production

iPhone 4 Conflict Free Edition: the well known pranksters “The Yes Men” stroke again. This time their target is apple. The fake advertising website promotes “conflict free” produced iPhones and promises more corporate responsibility. Minerals used in the production of Apples iPhone 4 are extracted from mines in the Congo, where conflicts killed up (...). Weiterlesen!

How To: Windows 3.1 On The iPad Using DOSPad – Installation, Mouse, Drivers, Sound

For four hours only, iDOS was available in the App Store before its deletion, since it allows to mount the iPad’s filesystem into a virtual drive. Since then, DOSPad was re-released in the Cydia Store. And while it’s actually some kind of blasphemy, it enables to run a full-featured Windows 3.1 on an iPad or (...). Weiterlesen!

FaceTime for Mac – a serious threat for your Apple ID

While many users are happy about having FaceTime on their Mac, we are a little anxious about some security glitches present in the current beta of the software. With a few clicks others can make use of the user’s Apple ID and reset the password with ease.

MyWi, Rock and Cydia: Interview with Jailbreak App Developer Mario aka Intelliborn

MyWi turns an iPhone (Jailbreak needed) in a WiFi-Hotspot with adjustable transmission power. Alternatively, tethering is supported. Asking for the obligatory installation of Rock we learned that MyWi-Developer Mario also works on Rock itself. A good reason to ask some more questions regarding MyWi, Rock and some of the lesser well known activities of the (...). Weiterlesen!

Apple Stores in Germany: 5-10 new locations planned

The Apple Store Oberhausen in the CentrO shopping mall is known already, Frankfurt, Munich, Dortmund and Dresden can hope for all new Apple Stores. Apples expansion isn’t over tho, Stuttgart, Berlin, Dusseldorf and Cologne are also on the list, Leipzig might also get a store. The plans were handed over to us from a reliable (...). Weiterlesen!

Cut your Micro-SIM for iPhone 4 and iPad 3G: Stencil and Scissors-Solution

The Micro-SIM cards used in the new iPhone 4 and the iPad 3G are (almost) identical and fully compatible to the stansard SIM-Cards used in most mobile phones. Therefore, any SIM can be used as a MicroSIm, too – after the surplus plastic is cutted away. To fit a standard SIM in the microSIM-tray of (...). Weiterlesen!

HowTo: Watch the Football World Cup without being distracted by Vuvuzelas

Since the beginning of this year’s FIFA World Cup, one topic has divided the public. The so-called “vuvuzelas” are South African trumpets which are currently used by football fans to express their euphoria towards their teams, their countries, and football itself.

Cydia for iPad will be awesome: Interview with Cydia Mastermind Jay Freeman aka Saurik

The App Store alternative for jailbreakers offers income for some developers now as well as apps and tools not approved by Apple for millions of users. Jay Freeeman, Operator of Cydia and developer of many apps for jailbreakers talked with us on the Cydia Store, adult content, the iPad, iphone-security, the rival Rock and some (...). Weiterlesen!
Interview with F-Secure: Antivirus for Mac OS X, useful or not?

Interview with F-Secure: Antivirus for Mac OS X, useful or not?

Malware for Mac is still rare especially compared with the Windows platform. Is it because of the inherent security of the unixoid operating system or is it because it’s not appealing enough for virus writers? This is the parting of the way. F-Secure sees a growing need for Mac protection. Otherwise the security vendor wouldn’t (...). Weiterlesen!

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