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Special: 21. September 2012,

Cutting the Nano-SIM for iPhone 5: Stencil to do it yourself

Nano SIMs are basically just smaller Mini-/Micro-SIM with the same chip and contact design, which makes it possible to cut them to a smaller form factor. There are special punchers on the market which cut older SIM to the Nano SIM format, but you can also use scissors and our stencil to make it yourself to use it in the iPhone 5.


If you haven’t received your Nano SIM from your provider or you don’t want to pay an extra for a new SIM for your iPhone 5 you can have some DIY. In our Macnotes PDF we offer you stencils for both cutting a Mini SIM (the standard one) to Nano SIM and cutting a Micro SIM to Nano SIM. Especially when it comes to the older Mini SIM you have to be prepared to cut off a big part of the chip metal – make sure you have sharp scissors or a cutter at hand.

The Nano SIM is not only smaller but also a little thinner than the older ones – if you have a really old SIM you might need to grab some sandpaper to make it fit into the SIM slot (though it’s highly likely you’ll be fine without sandpapering it, it seems).

Last comment: We don’t take responsibility for what you do with your SIM – if you break it using the stencil it’s not our fault. Tip: Make sure you have proper tools like sharp scissors and you should be fine.


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